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Digital Marketing Training in Lucknow | Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow

We regularly host Open Evenings and Open Days for prospective students. These are an excellent opportunity for you to meet your Course Digital Marketing Training by Industry Experts and you will get a solid grasp of what is in Digital Market Happenings if you choose to take the training in Digital Marketing. Attend for a thorough explanation of how this course can form part of your ongoing career development within the Digital Marketing sector.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important

Digital media is so pervasive that consumers have access to information any time and any place they want it. Gone are the days when the messages people got about your products or services came from you and consisted of only what you wanted them to know. Digital media is an ever-growing source of entertainment, news, shopping and social interaction, and consumers are now exposed not just to what your company says about your brand, but what the media, friends, relatives, peers, etc., are saying as well. And they are more likely to believe them than you. People want brands they can trust, companies that know them, communications that are personalized and relevant, and offers tailored to their needs and preferences.

Digital Marketing course will help you to:

  • Grow your career prospects
  • Improve your core marketing skills
  • Grow and nurture your customer base
  • Be at the forefront of your competitors

Objectives & Outcomes of Digital Marketing

Develop an advanced knowledge of the concepts and theories that underpin Digital Marketing approaches, and their relationship to conventional marketing
* Develop a deep understanding of the factors that drive consumer behaviour in the digital economy
* Develop advanced skills in the practices that relate to digital and data-driven marketing, including critical analysis and evaluation
* Plan and manage Digital Marketing strategies for your organisation and target audiences, taking full account of budgetary and other constraints
* Research and build deep expertise in a specific area of Digital Marketing through the completion of a supervised Research Thesis
* Gain a significant advantage in the domestic and international marketplace
* Increase your capacity to test and measure various marketing channels evaluating ROI for your business

Digital Marketing Training in Lucknow is a perfect career choice because it involves both creativity and professionalism. Digital Marketing entails the designer to have aesthetic sense as well as understand the likes and dislikes of the viewer.

We provide a wide range Digital Marketing Training Courses in Lucknow that will help you to earn more money online.

  • Digital Marketing Essentials
  • Digital Marketing Professional
  • Digital Marketing Practitioner
  • Internet Marketing Practitioner
  • SEO Practitioner
  • SMO Practitioner
  • Web Marketing Practitioner

We offer 3 Levels of Accreditation

Level 1: Digital Marketing Essentials Training in Lucknow

Digital Marketing Essentials is an introduction to the principles and techniques behind Digital Marketing and is best suited to beginners who have never had any experience of marketing their business online. Digital Marketing Essentials will give you the skills and knowledge that you need to take advantage of the online marketplace, and help you to start marketing your business more effectively online. Digital Marketing Essentials includes the following modules and sessions:

  • Session 1. Brief History Of The Internet
  • Session 2. Evolution Of The Online Marketplace
  • Session 3. Evolution Of Digital Marketing
  • Session 4. The State Of Digital Marketing Today
  • Session 5. Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing
  • Session 6. Summary
Module 2 Success On The Web
  • Session 1 Different Business Models On The Web
  • Session 2 Digital Marketing Success Stories
  • Session 3 Key Factors To Make Money Online
  • Session 4 Find A Hungry Crowd
  • Session 5 Digital Marketing Technology
  • Session 6 Summary
Module 3 Web Design Principles
  • Session 1 Defining The Purpose Of Your Website
  • Session 2 Design Principles
  • Session 3 Your Most Wanted Response
  • Session 4 Navigating Around Your Website
  • Session 5 Heat Maps
  • Session 6 Sales Copy Essentials
  • Session 7 Summary
Module 4 Generating Targeted Traffic
  • Session 1 Different Sources Of Traffic
  • Session 2 The Importance Of Tracking The Effectiveness Of Your Traffic Generation Campaigns
  • Session 3 SEO
  • Session 4 Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Session 5 Banner Ads Banner Exchange Programmes
  • Session 6 Pop-Ups, Pop-Unders Flash Ads
  • Session 7 Advertising With Toolbars Widgets
  • Session 8 Social Media Networking
  • Session 9 Email Marketing
  • Session 10 Content Generation
  • Session 11 Placing Adverts In eZines Newsletters
  • Session 12 Affiliate Marketing
  • Session 13 Summary
Level 2: Digital Marketing Professional Training in Lucknow

The Digital Marketing Professional covers all of the information described in Digital Marketing Essentials, and then delves deeper into the techniques and methods behind Digital Marketing success. The Digital Marketing Professional will help you to improve your web presence, develop online marketing campaigns, advance your search marketing knowledge and harness the power of social media marketing for your business. The Digital Marketing Professional is designed for intermediate level internet marketers who are looking to improve and enhance their current Digital Marketing skills and become more successful online. The Digital Marketing Professional includes the following modules and sessions:

  • Session 1 - Your 1 Page Sales Letter Part 1
  • Session 1 - Your 1 Page Sales Letter Part 2
  • Session 2 - Sales Copy For A Corporate Website Part 1
  • Session 2 Sales Copy For A Corporate Website Part 2
  • Session 3 Sales Copy For A Squeeze Page
  • Session 4 Sales Copy For A Product Sales Website
Module 2 Mastering Google AdWords
  • Session 1 Introduction To Google AdWords
  • Session 2 Landing Pages For Google AdWords
  • Session 3- Creating An Adwords Campaign- Part 1
  • Session 4- Creating An Adwords Campaign- Part 2
  • Session 5 Keyword Research
  • Session 6 Broad, Phrase Exact Match Keywords
  • Session 7 More Keyword Tips
  • Session 8 Local Targeting
  • Session 9 Ad Groups
  • Session 10 Quality Score
  • Session 11 Bidding Budgets
  • Session 12 Advanced Bidding Strategies
  • Session 13 Writing An Ad The Right Way
  • Session 14 Google Display Network
  • Session 15 Placement Targeting Banners
  • Session 16 Case Study
Module 3 Yahoo Bing Marketing
  • Session 1 Yahoo Bing Search Marketing
  • Session 2 How To Set Up Yahoo Bing Search Campaigns
Module 4 Facebook Advertising
  • Session 1 Introduction To Facebook Advertising
  • Session 2 Starting An Account
  • Session 3 Facebook Pages
  • Session 4 Writing Your First Ad
  • Session 5 Advanced Writing Tips
  • Session 6 Landing Pages
  • Session 7 Case Study
Module 5 Marketing Through AdSense
  • Session 1 Introduction To AdSense
  • Session 2 Setting Up An AdSense Account
  • Session 3 AdSense Tips Tricks
Module 6 Understanding Google Analytics
  • Session 1 Introduction To Google Analytics
  • Session 2 Splitting Traffic Sources
  • Session 3 Analytics, AdWords Goals
Module 7 Search Engine Optimisation
  • Session 1 How Do Search Engines Work
  • Session 2 Working With Keywords
  • Session 3 On-Page Optimisation
  • Session 4 Off-Page Optimisation
  • Session 5 SEO Campaign Analysis
  • Session 6 Staying At The Top Of The Search Engines
  • Session 7 Monitoring Results
  • Session 8 Summary
  • Session 9 Case Study
Module 8 Content Marketing
  • Session 1 Introduction To Content Marketing
  • Session 2 Web Articles
  • Session 3 Press Releases
  • Session 4 Whitepapers Ebooks
  • Session 5 Video Marketing
  • Session 6 Podcasts
  • Session 7 Wikis Wikipedia
  • Session 8 Technorati, Flickr, YouTube Teleseminars
  • Session 9 Squidoo HubPages
  • Session 10 Webinars
Module 9 Social Media Marketing Part 1
  • Session 1 Overview To Social Media
  • Session 2 Using Facebook
  • Session 3 Social Bookmarking
  • Session 4 Social Networking For Business
  • Session 5 Multimedia Sharing
  • Session 6 Summary
  • Session 7 Case Study
Module 10 Social Media Marketing Part 2
  • Session 1 Blogging
  • Session 2 Microblogging with Twitter
  • Session 3 Sharing Documents With SlideShare
  • Session 4 Distributing Content With RSS
  • Session 5 Using Social Media Aggregators
  • Session 6 Emerging Technologies
  • Session 7 Summary
  • Session 8 Case Study
Module 11 Advanced Marketing Strategies
  • Session 1 Increasing The Frequency Of Purchase
  • Session 2 Back End Strategies
  • Session 3 New Product Creation
  • Session 4 Bumps, Down Sells, Up Sells Cross Sells
  • Session 5 Continuity Programmes
Level 3: Digital Marketing Practitioner Training in Lucknow

The Digital Marketing Practitioner covers all of the information described in both Digital Marketing Essentials and Professional, as well as providing you with extensive material on monopolising your online marketplace, gaining the edge through competitor analysis, formulating an Digital Marketing strategy and analysing your success. The Digital Marketing Practitioner is designed for advanced level internet marketers who want to push themselves above the competition through a superior knowledge of Digital Marketing techniques. The Digital Marketing Practitioner includes the following modules and sessions:

  • Session 1 Introduction To The Online Marketplace
  • Session 2 Who Are Your Target Customers?
  • Session 3 Understanding The Customer Decision Making Process
  • Session 4 Keyword Research
  • Session 5 Forum Blog Hunting
  • Session 6 Video Research
  • Session 7 Article Popularity
  • Session 8 Social Media Potential
  • Session 9 Case Study
Module 2 Competitor Analysis
  • Session 1 Introduction To Competitor Analysis
  • Session 2 Competitor Analysis
  • Session 3 Traffic Analysis
  • Session 4 Google Alerts
  • Session 5 Link Examination
  • Session 6 Case Study
Module 3 Digital Marketing Strategy Planning
  • Session 1 Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Session 2 Different Business Models
  • Session 3 Digital Marketing Planning
  • Session 4 Digital Marketing Mix
  • Session 5 How To Set Your Price
  • Session 6 B2B Digital Marketing
  • Session 7 B2C Digital Marketing
  • Session 8 Constructing The Digital Marketing Plan Overview
  • Session 9 Constructing The Digital Marketing Plan Setting Goals
  • Session 10 Constructing The Digital Marketing Plan Research Analysis
  • Session 11 Constructing The Digital Marketing Plan Segmentation
  • Session 12 Constructing The Digital Marketing Plan The Proposition
  • Session 13 Constructing The Digital Marketing Plan The Marketing Mix
  • Session 14 Constructing The Digital Marketing Plan Alignment
Module 4 Measuring Monitoring
  • Session 1 Online Measurements
  • Session 2 Google Analytics
  • Session 3 Web Logs Performance Of Your Site
  • Session 4 What Is CRM Why Is It So Important
  • Knowledge of Basic Graphics

    Image Handling

  • Minimum Eligibility Requirement

    10 + 2 Pass

03 Months (140 Hours.)
Batches Timing:-
Morning Bacth 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Evening Bacth 03:00 PM to 06:00 PM - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Rs. 30000/- (50% Discount to Female Candidate)
Fees includes 3 months Course fee + Internship Cost + Experience Letter from the Company.
Group Discount: 10% discount for 2 or more Registrations